Runnin' Man (Single)

by Charity Clay

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This is the single from the upcoming release "The Smokey Winston Project Redux" So many times women talk about what they want from a man but in this song I'm layin my cards on the table tryna convince a guy to stop bluffin cause he knows im a royal flush.


verse one:
im sayin,
what u scared for babe its just a little lovin
dont fight it, you know i turn you on like the oven
350 degree, pre heat it up
like cake batter, beat it up and eat it up
never leavin crumbs or say my lovin isnt sweet enough
yea its good but i hope its more that you see in us
the way i see it loves a physical expression
chemistry reflected in our deeper connection
with me in your heart, (shiit) never need protection
promise ill protect it
always keep you satisfied, never feel neglected
and i know sex can be used as a weapon
but i'll never hurt you
and if we havin problems, guaranteed we'll work through
in it for the long hall, always got your back and your front too
never ever front you
dont run away from me boy, let me be the one you run to

aye, aye
do the runnin man but only the dance,
with my love just give it a chance (x4)

verse two:
and your ex, dont compare me to her cause im different
anything you wanna say baby im a listen
so tell me your dreams, and i'll make em my mission
right by ya side ill play my position
when you got no pot to piss in, when we seein millions
ill still do the dishes long as u there in the kitchen
see you can cook dinner
while i roll the swishers
or switch it
dont matter,how u want it,is you wit it
im sayin
anita baker sang it
best that i got, you can get it no complainin
but if its somethin sittin on my mind im a say it
let u know that everything you do i aint okay with
hey its give and take and its gonna take patients
give a little faithin in
me, plus trust
compassion times lust
a lotta understandin, and all that good stuff
no rush
but im sayin, whats up!

aye, aye
do the runnin man but only the dance,
with my love just give it a chance (x4)


released February 14, 2012



all rights reserved


Charity Clay Oakland, California

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