Relax and Listen

by Charity Clay

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verse 1
you might learn somethin' god forbid
its just more metaphors from the college kid
the literary devices
employed with inflections to talk about vices
and who flows the nicest
like, I took a class in advanced brag and passed it
with flying colors with a tailwing flag
so I'm fly, I got my license
yea, I got the right to
talk a lotta shit but yo its more to the rhymin'
the aim is an alliance
with the body and the mind and the spirit
to uplift with my gift, all to the rhythm
alignment of the systems
plus the grindin of the pistons
and the 5th gear spit that got the motion of an engine
tryna impart knowledge and wisdom
over the airwaves
but i dont think this tune is gonna get no air play
fair play, where they do that at
I know they'd rather hear me rap about jewels and gats but nah

...scratch hook...

verse 2
ayo, this beat is kinda catchy i should give it a dance
something bout blowing whistles in your pants
that would increase the chances, of me blowin up
cause see havin spectacular flow aint enough
cause its so many good spitters, but you would never know it
cause the videos they dont show it
and though they wont say it
but if you dont pay the dj aint playin
gotta come up out the pocket for that FM rotation
but see I can bypass that
get a youtube channel myspace, facebook page and podcast rap
but word of good music travels like dial up
masses broadcast crap, hits get piled up
and its got me feelin like the tortoise in the fable
and the hare is the wackness on a broadband cable
but the servers got a virus
and aint nobody buyin
cause these swagger jack sparrows is all audio pirates
spreadin infection through the high speed connection
takin all the space on your ipod selection
no firewall protection could detect it
so i play detective and filter through collections
thats what the connection to the tortoise means
i, put the corrupt files in the quarantine
then later for the PC jargon
i black mac(k) stroll across the finish line, winner by a yard stick


released July 16, 2012
lyrics: Charity Clay (@urfavcharity)
beat: Smokey Winston
Scratches: Rice the Sound Transmitter (@rtst102)
mixing: Habeas Corpus (@HabeasCorpus13)
artwork: Joe Kool (@joemcgruber)



all rights reserved


Charity Clay Oakland, California

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